November 30, 2006


November 28, 2006


Look at all the cute accsessories we've made..:)

Ps: For those of you who read Japanese: I know that the japanese text isn't totally correct. It is Camilla who goes to Japanese class... :D she didn't know the word: to dress in Japanese. :) But I think he is really cute, even if he has a girls name.. ;P

Neomi and...?

This is the latest version...I just changed their hair a little bit. Do any of you know any cute boy names in Japanese? Please?

November 21, 2006

Little, scary lion!

roooarrrrrrr! very scary, right?

Made some swans today.. They look kinda funny.. ;D

November 18, 2006

Since Emiko turned out to be a japanese girl name, we decided to call him Ichigo. (means strawberry) The logo is not finished yet, but will say Ichigo&Friends. This will be the name of the website Camilla and I are creating together.

cute, isn't he?